Palmetto Rockett

Dare to try this? The only traditonal Kona style lure with a cup-slant face and 5 jet holes!! This lure is perfectly balanced at 11 oz and provides the right action and attraction.


$ 84.99

The perfect medium-heavy tackle rocket Wahoo lure. A 20 oz. tapered rocket guaranteed to add some excitement your high-speed arsenal.


The perfect medium-heavy tackle jet Wahoo lure. A 20 oz. tapered jet with a deep cup and 6 jet holes. With its massive smoke trail this lure definitely adds the Mojo in your high-speed spread! 


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Is our new light tackle radius flat face lure. This tear drop provides the perfect size, weight and action in your spread. 


Palmetto Kona Jet

$ 84.99

New Lures for 2019!


$ 74.99

$ 39.99 

Mojo Rising